Emergency Whistle – set of 2 Emergency / Survival Whistles on a Keychain or Lanyard

If you are in a emergency situation what you need it to be NOTICED. A loud, sharp, shrill blow from this whistle will get others attention and the help you need.

  • GET HELP QUICKLY – Loud, shrill whistle is designed to alert anyone in the area and raise the alarm that you are in distress and need help
  • SHOCK AN AGGRESSOR – Powerful and piercing 120 decibel sound can catch an attacker off guard, scare them and give you time to escape (a typical lawn mower is 90 decibel)
  • DRAW ATTENTION TO YOURSELF – Most people are conditioned to stop what they are doing and pay attention when a whistle blows, when you blow this whistle you’ll be noticed
  • ALWAYS AT HAND AND READY – This self defense whistle can be worn around your neck on the lanyard or attached to your keys, when seconds count its right there!
  • A WHISTLE CAN IMPROVE YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY – But remember nothing beats common sense, knowing your surroundings and following your intuition

Interested in purchasing?

If you are interested in purchasing a set of Emergency Whistles you can go to Amazon and search for “Emergency Whistle Good Sense Security” or hit the link